Building Community Connections

Allies also works with many local organizations that connect the people we serve to the communities in which they live. We have staff to help make this connection possible.

Our staff will meet with each person to ascertain more about his/her interests and hobbies. They then help match individuals with community groups that fit within the goals and dreams of the person.  For example, if a person is interested in gardening, Allies makes contacts with the local gardening club, our chess players with the chess club, coin collectors with other coin collectors, bookworms with reading clubs, volunteers with civic organizations, and so on.  We provide assistance with transportation and participation in the activities, so our participants can become fully engaged in their interest.

Finding a person the right place to live is only the beginning of becoming a part of a community. Allies Community Outreach facilitate opportunities for people to…Be engaged, Be noticed and Be connected to the larger fabric of their communities.  That’s what we call living!

To connect with Allies Community Outreach Department, please contact Loretta Rarrick at or call at 609-689-0136 x138.