The Best News — Sell on eBay to Donate to Allies!

Are you planning to sell on EBAY?  — learned about an exciting way to sell and SUPPORT Allies.

Whether you just have one item to sell, or you’re planning a major auction event, selling on eBay is the ideal way to maximize your results. As you know, no matter what you’re selling, there are more potential buyers on eBay than anywhere else. The best news ever is you can sell your item & donate part of the sale proceeds to Allies!

In 2003, eBay began an initiative to support nonprofits called MissionFish.

MissionFish has been dedicated to helping nonprofits create new sources of unrestricted revenue by making it easy for people to give as part of their everyday life. In the nine years of partnership with eBay Inc., they have helped generate over a quarter-billion dollars for nonprofits through the eBay Giving Works and Donate with PayPal programs.

Throughout this incredible journey, they have constantly looked for ways to improve this service and expand their impact. In 2011, eBay set up a new nonprofit organization – PayPal Charitable Giving Fund — to operate MissionFish and help further charitable purposes.  

EBAY is now proud to announce a significant new commitment from PayPal that will have a tremendous positive impact on their efforts going forward. PayPal’s financial support will enable MissionFish to deliver 100% of every donation they process globally.

Allies is officially registered and can benefit from this exciting initiative…HAPPY SHOPPING!