Career Exploration: Allies provides Career Exploration services for adults that are no longer part of a school system, but need assistance finding a career that meets their interests and abilities. Often times, this service is for adults that had a trauma such as a stroke or disability from an accident, and they now need assistance re-entering the workforce. Our Career Exploration counselors help them find careers of interest, as well as coordinate needed training programs to help them adapt to their new employment situation.

Community Connections: Allies strives to connect each individual we support with people and activities within their communities. Our Community Connectors identify individuals and resources within the community to enhance the lives of those we serve with friendships and meaningful activities.

Job Development: Job development, also called pre-placement, is the first phase in our supported employment program. At this stage, the Allies Job Coach helps individuals find jobs of interest, helps them through the application process, sets up the interviews, and prepares them for the interview through role-playing. The job coach teaches them about appropriate dress and behavior in a work environment, and provides assistance with transportation to the interview. Often times, the job coach attends the interview to provide any additional needed support.

Follow-Along Services: Our Employment Specialists frequently communicate with the employers to ensure all is going well on the job site. They provide additional training and support services for the employees whenever it’s needed to ensure a productive and positive work environment for all.

Pyramid Print and Design: Our in-house printing service provides high quality design and printing for Allies literature, as well as outside customers.

Real Life Choices: These self-directed services are funded by the Division of Developmental Services (DDD)(create link to DDD).   Allies staff provides a variety of individualized support services to individuals living in their own homes or with their families throughout the state.

Traumatic Brain Injury Services: These services are funded through the Traumatic Brain Injury Fund of NJ.  Allies staff provides a variety of support services to individuals referred to us through the fund. These services include, but are not limited to: companions, money management, parental support, support coordination, vocational services and case management.