Services Include:

  • 24 Hour Nursing
  • Small Group Homes
  • Individual Homes
  • Day-to-day Medical Needs
  • One-on-one Comprehensive Assistance
  • Transportation Services
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“A home is so much more than just four walls and a front door. It’s a refuge, a harbor of expression, a place to build memories. That is why we spare no detail in helping people find the right place. Whether it’s putting the softest sheets on their beds or painting the walls their favorite colors, when they walk through the doors of their new house, they know they’ve come home.”

— Elise Tretola, CEO

Allies Residential Department offers self-directed services that allow people and their families to customize the support they need. For one person it may be services that allow them to keep their son or daughter in their home, for others it may be the assistance they need to move out on their own.

Allies has developed over 150 homes throughout the State of New Jersey for people with special needs to live in. The best part of working with us to find a home is that people make their own decisions on where they want to settle and whether they want to live alone or with other people. Our services range from the most intense small group home for individuals in need of 24-hour nursing services to individuals who are supported in their own homes. Nothing differentiates them from their neighbors except that they may have someone from Allies in their home to take care of their day-to-day medical needs, to provide transportation to the grocery store, or just to make sure they are safe. Whether they rent, own or share supports with others; their homes are just like everyone else’s. They are about the people who live there and their unique needs, hopes, dreams and desires.

If you are interested in learning more about Allies residential services, please contact Phil Monetti.

Jenny’s Story

When Allies gave Jenny (age 23) the key to her new apartment, she slept with it in her hand all night. She didn’t care that she wouldn’t be moving into it for a month—she was finally getting her own home!

For years, Jenny, who happens to have ambulatory issues that cause her to rely on a wheelchair, lived in a restrictive nursing home with residents three times her age. Allies worked with Jenny to find her a condo close to her family and friends. She fell in love with it instantly. Not only did it meet her physical needs, the condo was warm and bright and felt like home right from the start.

Jenny has flourished in her new home. She works part-time at a non-profit family support agency, attends Seton Hall part-time, obtained her driver’s license, and even started her own foundation called Jenny’s Hope. Her foundation raises money to purchase food and clothing for needy young mothers with infants. She is an integral part of her community, making it a stronger and better place to live. Jenny is home.

Jenny’s story is just one of countless examples of how Allies works with each person to find a home that meets their needs, reflects their personalities, and connects them to their larger community. We not only pride ourselves in the care we take to maintain our residential properties, but more importantly we offer complete support services to ensure the people we support are comfortable and happy in their new homes.

Jenny’s Story