img_2805Gladys came to the non-profit world of Allies in September 2009 from the for-profit world of residential development where she had served nine years as the project manager for a Princeton-based developer. Two years into her tenure at Allies, in the fall of 2011, Gladys accepted the position of Director of Risk Management.  In March 2015, Gladys was promoted to the position of Senior Director of Scheduling.

Gladys is the agency’s liaison between insurance brokers who provide Allies with Automobile, Property, and Worker’s Compensation, as well as working with the Agency’s Worker’s Compensation petitions and corporate litigation attorney’s. She is charged with developing and maintaining an efficient and effective claims reporting system.
In addition, Gladys works closely with the Unusual Incident Reporting Team, the Training Team, the Quality Assurance Team (QA), and Allies’ liability insurance broker, gathering risk data from all sources. This data concerns motor vehicle accidents, Worker’s Compensation issues, reportable Unusual Incidents (UIR’s), and any other events that can affect the level of risk to staff, the individuals supported by Allies, and the Agency itself. Gladys and her team compile and analyze this data and make recommendations to the Agency regarding safety policies and procedures in an ongoing attempt to keep injuries at a minimum and thus maintain the lowest possible insurance rates. As the Director of Risk Management, Gladys promotes safety awareness throughout the company and makes recommendations for new training techniques, again with the intent to minimize risk to staff, the people we support and the Agency.

Gladys has a comprehensive understanding of Risk Management, an extensive background in Human Resources, chairs the Employee Safety Committee for Allies, Inc. and is always ready to participate and support the company’s mission.