Anil has worked in the social work field for more than 30 years. During that span, he has provided support to individuals with developmental disabilities for over 20 years. Anil has a Master of Arts in Social Work and a diploma in Social Development. He has always had a passion for the social work field. Wherever he has worked, his continuous efforts to provide quality support to individuals have been quickly recognized by his supervisors and peers alike. Beginning his career as an Assistant Coordinator, Anil worked his way up to a Manager’s position. During that time, he was the recipient of the NJACP Leadership Award in 2002. After several years of hard work and dedication, he was once again promoted; this time to the position of Director and then Assistant Executive Director of Residential Services.


Anil began his employment with Allies as an Executive Director in the fall of 2014, and again, rapidly worked his way up to his current position as Vice President of Residential Services. While he is thankful for all the recognition and appreciation he has received for his efforts, what truly brings him the most joy is providing support to the individuals with whom he works on a daily basis. Whether it’s directly working with the individuals or providing guidance to his staff, Anil does his best to ensure that Allies’ individuals receive the best support possible.


It is his commitment and perseverance that have driven him to become the person he is today. With the support of Allies, Anil truly believes that the opportunity to live with dignity and independence is available to all of us and not just some of us. It is this belief that has shaped his career thus far and will continue to guide him in the future.