We, the employees of Allies will not allow the people we serve to  remain in a house we would not choose ourselves, work at a job we would not choose for ourselves, or live a life we would not be willing to lead ourselves. If it is not good enough for us, then it is not good enough for the people we serve. This is our pledge to the people and the families we serve.

Embracing Independence
Our goals remain to help people with special needs to live and work as independently as possible, to increase the ways they can contribute to their communities in meaningful ways and to advocate for their inclusion in all aspects of their communities.  By embracing person-centered thinking, we will serve the people with specials needs with dignity, respect and understanding. We believe our philosophical approach in the delivery of our services offers the genuine road to independence.

Respecting Employees
As an agency, Allies respects every employee as an individual and as a valued member of the Allies family. We provide on-going training and support so that fellow employees have the resources to accomplish their duties professionally.  Both ensuring job security and providing equal opportunities for career development and advancement will continue to be among our highest priorities. The concerns of our employees will be met with open-mindedness, and we will work to provide opportunities for employees to voice their suggestions. Allies will always be attentive to the needs of employees and to employees’ obligations to their families.

Improving the Quality of Life
Caring for our communities is fundamental to our purpose. Our role in making our neighborhoods better places to live is taken seriously-whether by promoting inclusion, strengthening diversity, or reaching out to others. Our dedication is to the improvement of the quality of life of all those we serve, including the communities we work in. By partnering with our friends in the community, we become able to build relationships, provide resources, and educate the public.