Allies programs and services are funded through a variety of sources including public and private funds. The NJ Department of Human Services, NJ Department of Community Affairs, and the NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development have many Divisions that provide support for the programs we offer individuals with special needs.

State funding, however, only covers the basic needs for individuals with special needs. Allies relies on private funds to offer many of the recreational activities not covered by government contracts that bring so much meaning to peoples’ lives.  We have an extensive fundraising effort that includes corporate and community outreach, as well as hosting a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. Allies also offers financial literacy and savings programs that give individuals with special needs the opportunity to save up for trips and special events. These funds compliment our fundraising efforts and give the people we serve the opportunity to live beyond just the basics and experience a full and rewarding life.

Allies takes great pride in our cost efficiency and accountability. We operate on a lean budget with 90-percent of the funding we receive going directly back to the people we support. We have always strictly adhered to all government regulations through reports and reviews by all approving entities, as well as independent financial and program audits. Families that work with us can take comfort in knowing that we have a long track record of helping families navigate through the confusing funding process to ensure that they receive the optimum level of desired aid to achieve success in the community. We use each dollar we receive—whether public or private—to enhance the lives of people with special needs. That is our mission and purpose everyday.

For more information on funding and the eligibility process for our services, contact Elise Tretola.