Allies-Funding Needs and Payment for Services.


Allies programs and services are paid for through the State and Federal Medicaid Insurance Programs; any person receiving services from Allies’ must meet Medicaid eligibility requirements so that Allies can submit a bill to Medicaid for services that have been authorized and then provided. 

Medicaid payment, however, only covers the basic needs for those we serve. Allies continues to rely on private funds to be able to continue with the much needed recreational and community-based services not covered by Medicaid. Such  programs are necessary for the ongoing and future success for those we serve.

Allies’ forges ahead with fundraising efforts that include corporate and community outreach, as well has hosting a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. We take great pride in our cost efficiency and accountability. Allies operates on a lean budget with all expenditures serving our individuals. Allies’ continues to comply with all governmental regulations by successfully participating in audits and reviews, where mandated by Medicaid, the NJ Department of Human Services or through independent audits. Families that participate in our services can take comfort in knowing that Allies maintains a consistent history of being able to assist them with navigating through local and federal governmental systems to make sure that they receive the greatest level of support possible to achieve success in the community. We use each dollar we receive-whether public or private-the enhance the lives of those we serve-as echoed in our daily mission, vision and core values.